Corrective Work

Permanent cosmetics is a highly technical art form and its intricacies cannot be overstated. Choose your provider carefully. You are about to let someone "tattoo" your face permanently. It is always heartbreaking when women with less than desirable outcomes from their permanent makeup come in.

There has been a tremendous increase in the amount of corrective work performed by Elaine Pichet's Artistic Touch over the past few years. We want to stress the limitations involved in procedures designed to improve and/or correct a previous application done by another provider.

Corrective work can be extremely challenging for all concerned. As a client, you have the definite expectations of the outcome of your corrective work. As a provider, we can only do so much since we are trying to rectify a procedure you previously received.

Corrective work is priced as a brand new procedure and will include only one touch up approximately six weeks later. If additional work is necessary, there will be an additional charge for every other appointment.