Watercolor Lips

Watercolor lips is a new European technique which is more transparent since the pigment is applied in a pixilated manner by the technician. The edges are soft (vermillion border) and the color is not as concentrated therefore giving a more natural look.

It is ideal for clients of all ages that would want a more youthful look and softer color. This procedure can improve the appearance of your lips with a tremendous collagen stimulation, softening fine lines and rejuvenating the skin - similar to what a laser procedure would do for your skin.

Since lips are more vascular, swelling is expected. The downtime is approximately four to five days. The color will be extremely bright until the exfoliation process begins. After the exfoliation process, the color will appear very light. The true color can take up to six weeks to surface and a touch up appointment will be scheduled. 

Before & Immediately After:

Before, Immediately After, & Healed:

Before & Healed: